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About 15 years ago while in EMT-Basic school, it was my turn to play patient. I was strapped to the board, put on the gurney, then into the back of the ambulance for over 40 minutes, while my fellow students learned to drive that ambulance. After about 15 minutes I began to complain of pain. After 20 minutes I was begging to be let up. As new EMT's we had no idea that we were causing our patients, that we were so desperate to help, more pain, with a necessary evil.

I was then sore for three days after that. I decided then that it had to be done better. I then came up with the idea of a gel pad for the backboard. Shortly after that while in paramedic school I realized the benefits and importance of our patients tempuratures. I decided that the gel needed to be heated or cooled. Eleven years of experience, marriage and three kids later, I finally made that happen.

I have worked as a field paramedic for over 12 years now. I designed every little detail into the Turley Backboard Pad that I wanted as a paramedic. I am a huge patient advocate and believe in consistantly great customer service. I wanted to make sure that if I was going to really do this I did it right. I wanted a product that was first and foremost, beneficial to my patients, but I also knew that it had to be fast and easy to use if it was actually going to be used and liked by others in the field and emergency rooms.

Along the way I have learned so much, and am now on a mission to inform all my peers in EMS that we can make even more of a real difference for our patients. Because I also love emergency medicine and teaching it, I want to see us continually progress. The Turley Backboard is sized to fit on any backboard, under any patient, over and over again.

I have learned that patients can actually get pressure sores from laying on the backboard. They don't just complain because they are babies(usually) but because the backboard really does cause pain. We are to do no more harm, but we have to backboard patients, we can now do it better because of the Turley Backboard Pad. Nothing dispurses pressure as well as gel, which is why I chose it.

I have learned about induced hypothermia, and I am so excited about it. The results are better than any drug we have ever given and can be used in so many applications with amazing results that are truely life changing and saving. The Turley Backboard Pad can be placed under and over the patient to cool their core more quickly. The faster and sooner we induce hypothermia, the better off the patients brain.
I have learned about the Trauma Triad of Death, simply put, if a patient is hypothermic there is an enzyme that will not work to clot their blood. We have to do better at keeping our trauma patients warm.

The Turley Backboard Pad can be placed under/over your patient to warm their core and help their bodies clot those potential bleeds. Once that cascade begins it is difficult to reverse. We can actually prevent it now, and not just with a blanket that we continually pull back. Imagine a soft warm pad under your patients.

I hope that you too have learned something and have the desire to provide the best possible patient care and customer satisfaction.
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