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"Thank you for discovering a need for backboard padding and taking the initiative to develop the "Turley Backboard Pad". Our department treasures this multi-tasking pad using it as: a cold pack, heat pad or as padding on all our boarded patients."

Trust me.... our patients appreciate the comfort given by this pad during those long boarded times in the ER.

Marlene Williams; Rescue Chief; Cozad Fire & Rescue; Cozad, NE

"The Turley Backboard Pad is a no brainer. Every patient that comes into the ED on a backboard complains of pain from the board. Once the pad is place under them they stop complaining. We also do not have to worry about pressure sores developing while under our care, then not being compensated for that care, because of a preventable injury. Any patient placed on a backboard should have the Turley Backboard Pad under them first."

ED Physician Mike Hirsig Puyallup, WA

"This pad would have saved the back of my head from a nasty pressure sore! I recently was involved in a head on collision and the ambulance company's back board was used without any padding! You ambulance companies and hospitals would be well advised to make sure your patients have these because they are here and are much needed! There is no need for law suit, just use the Padding!"

YouTube user: ppcusappcusa

"I have had the misfortune of being on a backboard twice. The first time was with the Turley Backboard Pad and I was totally comfortable and warm. The second time after being hit by a car, was absolutely horrible. I did not realize the first time how much the backboard hurt and I was freezing on a hot day. The backboard pad hurt so much I focused on that pain instead of what hurt in my belly. I told everyone from the fire department and at the ER they needed that comfy, warm gel pad. I hope I never end up on a backboard again, but if I do I hope to God they have the Turley Backboard Pad."

Morgan P. University Place, WA
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